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CSS Web Design & Hosting UK is a web design firm based in Canterbury Kent. We produces fast efficient websites suited for selling products and services online. With the help of a built in shopping cart and fully functional search facility, our websites are very easy to navigate.


The question you may be asking yourself is, what is Css? Css stands for Cascading style sheets. Css has been on the Internet for around six years now.


Developed by W3C, Css in a nutshell is a file with a set of rules inside it. The rules are used to control elements on each page of your website. The old fashioned way of building websites involved very bulky and sometimes unsightly html.


Nowadays however, with the help of Css, all the unsightly html is confined to one file and the web pages load and look better. Css can be used to control the appearance of each page, including fonts, background images, borders, navigation and many others.  


You may decide to walk down the avenue of building your very own Css website. However, there may be one or two drawbacks to face:

#1 The pages may not display correctly in the browsers.

#2 The Css may look correct and may display all of your elements correctly, but is the Css valid?  


All of our websites have been designed to load fast, look professional and (very importantly!) be valid. To check to see if your website has valid html or valid Css, please click on the links.   


The old style of websites used to take up to 30 seconds to load, but now thanks to the power of Css, pages load within 1-2 seconds!


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