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Css Web Design & Hosting UK - Search Engine Submission

Meta Tags.


To enable your website to be listed in the search engines, you will require to insert meta tags. Meta tags tell the search engine spiders/robots what your website is all about. It also instructs them how many times you wish to visited. If you are constantly updating your website, you would require to set your visiting tag to 'visit my site every 2 days', (or whatever desired).
Keywords, title and descriptions are also very important. You should match your keywords, title and description with each page you are designing. Never use the same descriptions for every page! In doing this, your site will be crawled, but it will be difficult for your browsers to distinguish from page to page.

Search Engines Submission.

Once you are happy with the layout of your web site, it is time to start submitting your site to the search engines.

‘Pay for inclusion' search engines usually place your site within weeks.
‘Pay for inclusion' is a very costly matter though and is not always worth pursuing.
Google and many of the other major search engines usually take three months.
It is worth the wait, however, because Google is a very good and fast search engine in which to be to be listed.

It is highly recommended that you submit your site to DMOZ, AKA 'The Open Directory Project'. The Open Directory Project is one of the main directories on the Internet. The great thing about this directory is, it is free! It does however take a few months for your submission to be processed. But once it is online, your submission is also listed on google, yahoo and a few other search engines.